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Trail Details and Information

One of the more popular trails in Northwest Georgia is the George Disney Trail.  This trail was created after a group of boy scouts traversed this trail. What they found at the top was the grave of a confederate solider named George Disney.  Since then, the trail has been a popular destination in the area. It is well maintained. Sadly, there is some trash and graffiti in places from irresponsible people but overall is a positive experience. It can be especially challenging if you are newer to hiking as the elevation climb is steep but is well worth it.

Rachel and I took a trip in early Spring of 2018. It was my first trip out there in a couple of years. It was her first time. Before we get to the juicy trail report and photos of our hike, lets get some basic info of the way!

Type of Hike

The Disney Trail is an in and out hike. And be forewarned. Its  a straight up hike!


1.5 Miles

Sticks N Paddles Difficulty Rating

Moderate– if you are in shape and hike regularly.

Difficult and feels like you may die (you won’t really 🙂 ) – if you are out of shape or newer to hiking.

This trail is rated as the most difficult short trail in Georgia but if you are new to hiking don’t be afraid. Just take your time and work your way up. The view at the top will be worth it.

Trail Head Location

Behind the Georgia State Patrol in Rocky Face, Georgia.

Now with all the basics out of the way lets get to our adventure and trail report!

Trail Report

Preparation and Planning for the Trip

So it was a cloudy but warm day out. The grips of winter were loosening. Rachel and I wanted to go for a hike. Oh, and how could I forget Bella! She is always up for a hike. Just look at her…..

Disney Trail

Now, being honest here, Rachel is the planner. I’m the “not so detailed, let’s go out and do this” guy. However, I remember she gave me the go ahead to plan out this hike. So I pulled up alltrails and hikingproject.com to see what I could come up with. My original plan was for us to go to the Crow Valley Trail – Buzzards Roost.

I’ve never been on that trail before, and it seemed like it would have a great view on top. So I added this to our list. Since that trail is marked as being only 2 miles, I decided we should also do the Disney Trail that day. We normally average 7 to 10 miles on our day hikes. The combination of the two trails would give us that amount.

Crow Valley Trail – Buzzards Roost – Bust!

So we head out. Going down Crow Valley Rd there is a side road which leads to the trail head of the Crow Valley Trail – Buzzards Roost. We make our way there. There is also a couple of historical markers which were of interest. However, once we reach where the trail begins we ran into the dreaded…..

No Trespassing Sign

Now, maybe a lot of our readers wouldn’t mind bypassing this sign, but we error on the side of safety. After talking it over, we decide to bypass this trail. If any of you, our dear readers, have been on this trail before let us know in the comment section who we would need to contact for access. I would still enjoy taking this trail at some point.

So we decided to skip and move on to the George Disney Trail which is only minutes away.

George Disney Trail Hike

Our trip was during the middle of the week so there were only 2 other cars in the trail head lot. We started our way up the path. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been on this trail. Those were the days when I did not hike regularly except 1-2 times a year. Over the past year in 2017, our trips have been numerous and many. We will get them all posted up our site over time. But needless to say, my hiking shape has improved immensely.

The trail is easy to follow. As you start reaching the top of the trail you may scratch your head in one or two places determining which way to as you will start running into boulders and rocks. However, it’s still well marked and you will figure out which way to go.

We ran into a few day hikers along the way. All were friendly. There isn’t a lot of great details to provide on the way up to the top except… well, its straight up. If you are looking to practice elevation climbing this trail is a good starting point.

The Summit

Disney Trail Summit

The day we went was cloudy, but the view was still well worth the hike. There are several views along the ridge which allow you to look out over Rocky Face. We settled into a spot and decided that the time for lunch was right.

Lunch Spot At George Disney Trail Summit

This was my lunch time overlook. While we were here I made use of my trusty camera and starting taking some other shots.

Another view of the overlook.

George Disney Overlook

Sadly, some people think graffiti looks good with the view.

Rachel and Bella were also enjoying the view.

And Bella decided it was time to take a break on her own.

So with lunch over and taking in the views, we hiked just a short distance further along the ridge to the grave site.

George Disney Grave

Normally, this would be the end of the hike for most people. The standard protocol is to turn around and hike back out. But we here at Sticks N’ Paddles don’t settle for average. The trail which turns into more of a service road keeps going along the ridge, and we decided to go along with it.

I was able to get this shot of some mushrooms along the way. If any of the readers out there know what type of mushrooms these are, let me know in the comments section.

Tiny Mushrooms

Eventually you run into a camp site at the end of the clearly marked trail. We ventured slightly further but the more we went the less the trail appeared. Eventually we were following what were probably animal trails along the ridge top. We went for a while until the foliage became too thick and we turned around.

So we descended back down the mountain. The trip going down was smooth and easy.

So what was our final verdict of the Disney Trail??

If you are looking for a short but challenging well-marked trail, then this trail would be a good choice. This is a busy trail that on the weekends will have a lot of people and traffic. If you prefer less people then we would suggest hiking this trail during the week day. With popular trails there comes more trash from irresponsible people but that still doesn’t take  away from the view at the summit. If you haven’t ever been before, go and check out the Disney Trail in Rocky Face, Ga.

Have you hiked this trail before?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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