About Me

Hello fellow adventurer!

About Shane

My name is Shane Wilson.

I am a traveler, adventurer, hiker, kayaker, and more. Sticks N Paddles was created as an outlet for me to record my trips, adventures, photographs, and reports for your reading pleasure.

More importantly though I created this site to help inspire you to put down the netflix and get outdoors. If you have never hiked or kayak before I hope that my stories will help convince you to give it a try.

For experienced hikers and kayakers, I also created this site as a resource for you. I often am frustrated at the lack of reports on various trails and for paddling. This site is my own small contribution to help other outdoor enthusiast in my area.

Keep in mind, I am not a professional writer. Honestly, I am not a professional outdoors man but I hope you derive some value, information, and entertainment from my stories and reports. I often ask questions in my reports and I hope you take part in my site. I always encourage comments and feedback as that helps me grow as well.

Adventurer Companions

Below is a list of people who come with me on my trips.


The most important one is the girlfriend Rachel. She pulled me into advancing my hiking skills and I brought her into the world of kayaking. Our trips are filled with interesting situations, discussions, and events for your reading delight!


Small beagle / shepard mix. Whines a lot. Loves hiking. Tolerates kayaking. Likes to shepard you on the hiking trail.


Site Overview

This site is very simple but here is a basic overview of each area.

Hiking & Trail Reports

These catalog my various adventures hiking. Most of my hikes are in the Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee area. However, typically I travel on trips in other areas throughout the year. My trips vary from short day hikes to 5 day excursions. The mileage covered can be anywhere from 5 to 15 miles in a day. Typically 8 to 12 on average for my trips.

Paddling Reports

This section will include my journeys in my kayak. Now, I am NOT a whitewater kayaking. If that the information you are looking for I will disappoint you. I am a leisure kayaker and I normally will not go on anything above Class I in most cases. Again, I mostly kayak in the Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee area. There are fewer out of area trips for kayaking simply because its a handful keeping up with kayaks on a road trip. However, I still manage some out of area trips from time to time and will post them here.

Store & Gear Reviews

I’ve really gotten into photography this year. I’ve had some people ask for prints of my work. As the site progresses, I am will be offering various photos and items that you can order. I also have a lot of people ask about gear. So I plan to write up gear reviews on my equipment related to hiking and kayaking.

I will never write a review about an item that I have not personally used. I will also always gives you my real opinion. If a piece of equipment is shit. I will tell you. If its been tested to be thrown off a mountain and still holds up (read the San Juan Mountains Trail Report for how incident managed to happen) I will brag about it to you.

Contact Us

This one is simple. If you would like to reach out to me please do so! There are multiple contact methods on the contact us page. Please follow me on all the various social media platforms. I try to respond and interact with all my site readers who reach out to me.

That’s enough for the about me page.

Get started now and take a look at my site.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you one day on the trails or in the water!


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